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50th Anniversary



The year 2017 is a year of vital importance in the life of St. Innocent Church, because it commemorates the parish's 50th Golden Anniversary — certainly a major milestone JUBILEE event.



Not only does 2017 mark the 50th anniversary of the parish, it is also marks the 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary of Fr. Roman and Matushka Rose Marie, who have faithfully served St. Innocent parish for the past 33 years.


First of all, please mark your calendars for the last Saturday in OCTOBER, the 28th, to attend the grand official celebration of our parish's 50th Golden Anniversary Jubilee. Our bishop, His Grace Bishop John, will be present to preside at our celebrations. The Divine Liturgy will start at 10:00 am, preceded at 9:30 am by the customary Greeting of the Bishop with bread with salt, and flowers, and the Vesting of the Bishop. The grand banquet will then be held at 1:00 at the social hall of St. Michael's Orthodox Church, down the road from St. Innocent, at  26375 West Chicago, between Beech Daly and Inkster Rds.


ICON CARDS OF ST. INNOCENT: In honor of our 50th Anniversary, and with Fr. Roman's blessing, icon cards of St. Innocent have been prepared and donated to the parish and are now available AS A FREE GIFT. They are beautiful 4" x 5½" ICON CARDS on super-heavy glossy cardstock of our parish patron saint, St. Innocent of Irkutsk, depicting the icon on our iconostasis. You can pick them up at church, or ask to have 1 or more mailed to you. Additional commemorative icon cards of St. Seraphim of Sarov and St. Herman of Alaska are expected to be prepared in future months and donated for free distribution. [To see the card, click here.]


Preparations for St. Innocent's 50th Anniversary-celebration-year are being planned, guided and coordinated by a team of seven dedicated parish leaders that includes the Parish Council plus several others. They are in charge of planning and coordinating the main celebration event itself on October 28th, including planning the banquet and selling tickets; inviting choir singers; preparing the anniversary commemorative booklet; soliciting ads for the booklet; selling tickets for the banquet; requesting congratulatory letters from church and civil authorities; inviting guests; sending out various mailings; preparing a commemorative gift — a magnet of the icon of St. Innocent — to be given out at the October 28th celebration; and planning and coordinating the fund-raisers.


An important element of the planning for the Jubilee celebration is the preparation of a commemorative booklet by the committee. The format will be large 8½" x 11", 72 pages, with a flat glued (not folded and stapled) binding. It will contain many photos, some letters of congratulations from church and civil authorities, plus as many ads as can be obtained. Letters soliciting ads went out to parishioners and friends of the parish around late-February or early March. It is requested that ads be submitted no later than August 1st, but the sooner the better.


It is vital to the success of the 50th Anniversary Commemorative booklet to have as many ads as possible, from St. Innocent parishioners, friends of St. Innocent, other churches and parish organizations, and from businesses and civic groups. Anyone reading this is asked to consider donating an ad. Whereas many ad forms and letters were sent out, if you did not receive one, or the one you received has been misplaced, please click here to view and print out a 1-page PDF file of the ad form, with pricing and sizes. Note that the size of the booklet is a full 8½" x 11" page, (not a page folded in half, measuring just 5½ x 4¼").


 In order to pay for the expenses of celebrating our 50th Jubilee, (especially the flights, motel, meals and honorarium for Bishop John and his assistants), the Anniversary Committee has scheduled 5 fund-raising events. Your participation in these events, by both parishioners and friends of the parish, is requested and much appreciated.

These are the 5 events:

(1) COOKIE WALK, (Successfully concluded.) was held on December 18th, 2016, in time for people's Christmas festivities. A number of people volunteered to bake cookies at home and bring them for the first "cookie-walk" we ever held, on Sunday during coffee-hour after Divine Liturgy. (In a cookie-walk, people select whatever individual items they want, and pay for them by the pound.)

(2) SELLING LITTLE CAESAR'S PIZZA KITS. (Successfully concluded.) Another fund-raising project to help finance our 50th Anniversary expenses was the sale of Little Caesar's Pizza Kits, with a number of varieties of kits available, including bread sticks and cookies, in addition, of course, to pizzas themselves.  People were asked to place their orders by Sunday, February 26th, with the pick up date the following weekend, on Saturday, March 4th.  This was very convenient, since many people were already at church that day, making pierogi, and were able to pick up their pizza kit orders at that time. Kim was the contact person.

(3) SPAGHETTI LUNCHEON, FEBRUARY 26th.  (Successfully concluded.) On Cheesefare/Forgiveness Sunday, February 26th, after Divine Liturgy and Forgiveness Sunday Vespers, our parish sponsored another event to raise funds to help pay for expenses of our 50th Anniversary monumental celebration. Cheesefare/Forgiveness Sunday is the last day before the Great Fast/Lent starts and it is very common for Orthodox parishes to have a parish luncheon/dinner on this day. The requested donation was just $5 for adults and $2 for kids. Those who participated in this event enjoyed the delicious food and sharing in pre-Lenten fellowship, while at the same time, helping to raise needed funds.

(4) MAKING AND SELLING PIEROGI. (Successfully concluded.) Many volunteers, including many people making pierogi for the first time, worked together to make this a successful endeavor. There were 2 pierogi-making sessions, on January 28th and March 4th. The large, delicious sauerkraut or potato and cheese pierogi sold for $7 per dozen. The first session was on January 28th, when approximately 100 dozen pierogi were made and sold. The second pierogi-making day was on Saturday, March 4th.

People participated in three ways. First, people volunteered to help make the pierogi and to clean up afterwards. Second, people placed as many orders as possible for themselves, and solicited orders from relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers. And third, the ingredients were donated.

As many volunteers as possible were sought to make the pierogi. If people had never made pierogi before, they were enouraged to come and learn how --- even outside "friends of the parish" who wanted to learn how to make pierogi could come and learn, or just come to lend a hand! There were different tasks for men and women, adults, teens and youth of all ages; also people volunteered for the clean-up crew. This was a great family affair.  Mary Ann and Elizabeth were the contact persons.

(5) MAKING AND SELLING PASCHA BREAD. (PROJECT CANCELLED, 4/5) The fifth fund-raising event is the baking and selling of PASCHA BREAD (Kulich).  On Saturday, April 8th (the day before Palm Sunday), volunteers will meet in 2 or 3, 4-hour shifts, at 7:30 am - noon, noon - 4:00, and 4:00 - 8pm, if needed to bake Pascha Bread (kulich). There are 2 types available --- with raisins ($12 a loaf) and without raisins($10 a loaf). The last day to place orders is Sunday, April 2nd, so the organizers know how to plan --- there is a limit as to how many can be made and baked in one day, and so orders might have to be limited. They make great Pascha gifts. This is another of our fund-raising projects to raise money for the expenses of our 50th Anniversary celebration. There are 4 ways people can participate to help: (1) volunteer to help with the baking; (2) place orders for the bread; (3) donate ingredients; (4) help clean up. Contact Elizabeth (734-306-1486) or Mary Ann to sign up to help, to place orders or to ask questions. 

Volunteers are needed to do the baking, donate the ingredients, and of course, to place orders.


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